Better communication was the driver for East Kent College, which evolved into two projects that would enable better, faster and slicker ways to interact with the student community at the college.

Project 1:
Student centre application – StudentBook.

Graham Razey, the principal at East Kent College had two key factors he wanted to improve with his student community, communication and feedback, he also wanted a central point where students could find out all they need to know about student life. StudentBook fulfils these requirements whilst offering the students the opportunity to have an input to the content and then to share this with other StudentBook users. Our unique content management system makes it a simple task for the students and staff to update the content.

Project 2:
Digital Job Vacancy board.

To advertise job vacancies, East Kent College utilise three locations, where a manual method of finding jobs and then presenting them on paper stuck to a wall or glass at each of these locations was proving too inefficient, things had to change. The brief was to have a networked application where EKC staff could centrally upload the job vacancies and deploy to a 42” touch screen, where students can view the jobs and even print or email the details from the touch screen. A simple admin back end allows the staff to log in and add or edit the jobs, each job is set to appear for a fixed amount of time and we can also report on which jobs get the most views.