See it and believe…..

51% of customers will admit, visualising a floor or wall product in an existing room is a difficult task, from samples of paint dabbed on the wall, awkward carpet swatches held up to the curtains, to the tiny samples of flooring products dropped onto an existing floor, it’s never easy to make that final decision.
Let’s introduce the double award winning visualiser that truly represents the products and allows the customer to simply and clearly view those products in their rooms.

“As customers can see how it will actually look in their homes they are delighted when its installed as their expectations have been met, no room for disappointment!”


The custom 3D modelling software, achieves a highly realistic representation of the products by manipulating the digital artwork, light and shadows from customers uploaded photos are retained in the image, perspective of the floors and walls is calculated. With the most simple of user interfaces, in minutes you have the visual to convert the sale.

“Uploading own photo is genius, helps to clinch the sale”

Does this equate to a sales uplift? Yes it does, on average 30%.


“Its like having an additional sales person, only much cheaper!”

Implementation and tech…

We offer a turn key solution, from fixture design, user interface branding to installation, to support and service, its all covered.

  • Offline operation for the retail environment means your not reliant on the internet to visualise, internet access is required for updates and service issues only.
  • Create a shopping list of the products selected.
  • Template rooms included.
  • Email to and from the screen customers photos and designs.
  • Product updates, and email function supported by freetail.
  • Reporting facility, allows management to view individual sites use, popular products and customer creations. (internet access required to collect data)
  • Options on different sizes of commercial grade touchscreens available. 22” to 65”.
  • Wall mounted, freestanding or built into a fixture.
  • National network of technicians for installation and support.